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An EPIC 2016 Aftershock Festival

October 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

What an amazing weekend.. two days of having the breath knocked out of me by towering monitors blasting out the best bass tones to tantalize the thousands of listening ears.  As I always say my heart beats as fast as a double kick drum.  Countless steps taken over these two days  to  capture one  of the best shows on the west coast. Aftershock 2016 had to be one of the best so far. Huge headliners  that packed the line up created  thousands from all over to attend.

2014 was my first year attending the aftershock, and it was also my first real break at photographing any real big names in the music world.  I have had the pleasure of capturing the event each year and each year it is more amazing than the one before.

This years line up was epic with bands like Tool, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Korn, Slayer and so many others. Phenomenal shows put on by all that graced us with their ear tantalizing tunes and heavy beats. It was all worth the miles I put under my feet running from one stage to the other and the lack of food since I as always on a time limit. It was also worth the constant bumping, pushing, the occasional head in the middle of a frame and the copious amount of sweat to bring the show to you. It is my love, excitement and passion..

The people of Monster Energy Aftershock and Danny Wimmer Presents put one an amazing show sparing no expense.  The venue was top notch.  Perfect location to get a room and walk to the event.  The food at all vendors was great for being a festival, when I got to eat.  They have narrowed it down to the best time of year where it is not to hot and dusty.  But we cannot forget the acts.  DWP has gotten it down, Rock is NOT dead, and that was proven this weekend with a complete sold out show. They know who we crave to see and they know what will blow the socks off the fans.

With the event it hols many things, so I am going to start off by introducing you to the food and vendors.  There were a few private vendors that graced us with their amazing creations from outstanding burgers to pizza.. 


PHOTOBYCHARITY@GMAIL.COM PHOTOBYCHARITY@GMAIL.COM Each person worked long hours and helped us feed our hunger after hours of head banging, jumping, running from stage to stage and living life up.  BUT don't forget we have to also quench our thirst.  No matter what you want they have it.  Soda, sports drinks, domestic and draft beer along with your mixed drinks as well. These lovely ladies along with many others delivered your drinks with a smile... 


Aside from the food and drinks you can always look around at the merchant vendors that brought you your favorite bands shirts and the 2016 Concert shirt.  You cant leave the venue without a piece of the event.  There were many other vendors that brought us other lines of clothing, music equipment and more.  


You all do realize that this event also caters to the young of heart.  Bringing your kids to a festival teaches them different cultures and music.  It was amazing to see the young rockers out there with horns up and having a blast with their families in one of the greatest shows on the west coast.  I know I have brought my son to many of these events and they are memories that will always last a lifetime.  


It was very cool to see the creations made by many with it was even more fun to watch this dude and his mom get there creative juices flowing.  The festival set up a bunch of walls so everyone can join in on getting there tag on.  At the end of the show there were many creative pieces on those walls. 



Last of all, you just cant have a festival without the fans.  2016 Aftershock festival was another sold out show with thousands of people from all over the world to attend.  Not only were there people from the west coast many traveled miles to see this epic show, one that I heard was from England.  




Thank you so much Danny Wimmer Presents and Monster Energy, we could not have been more happy to support such an amazing show and what a success it was for an EPIC weekend of music, energy, excitement and fun.  You have really nailed it on the head of what the people want.  

2016 Table Rocks Music Festival

September 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

2016 Table Rocks Music Festival

As a concert photographer it is a bit hard to find the great shows in the genre that I have fallen in love with in southern Oregon.  There is a group that is dedicated to get this area ROCKIN'.  K and K Promotions has been hosting a local rock festival for 4 years.  This year was my first year to capture the event and who what a show they put on.

This was K & K Promotions 4th Annual Table Rocks Music Festival held at the Jackson County Fairgrounds in one of the best venues around, the Lithia Amphitheater.  The reason that I say it is the best is that it has a great LARGE stage where it is easy to move around to capture the performers at any angle.  I has a lot of area to either sit in the grass, seats or stand up front to get closer to the action. It has food and drink, with many micro brews from the Oregon/California area to please any pallet.  K & K Promotions are the host with the most.

This year they had the head liner with Fuel.  It was an honor to see their show after getting the chance to meet Bret Scallion at the 2014 Aftershock Festival.  They captured the crowd with an amazing and energizing performance. 

They also had the boys from Trapt who awed the stage with their well known songs and great energy. 

Alien Ant Farm stoll my heart and ears at this show. I have never had the opportunity to see them before and this was probably one of my faves from this show as they kind of hold a special place in my heart.  I really have to hand it to the drummer for playing with me as I captured him smashing out the heavy beats.

Starset is an up and coming band that is technologically sound. They have a few great songs out there on the radio and they really put on a great performance. I can really see them getting way bigger than they are now.  Love the sound and love the stage presents.

Then the opener, Tantric.. A blast from the past.  These boys have been wowing audiences for many years and they did not disappoint at this show.  They killed the stage and interacted with the crowd as they enjoyed the rest of the show with all their fans.

All and all, I have to say, I hope and pray that K & K Promotions will continue to keep Rock alive her in So. Oregon.  To all you following my site, please, please get the word out and help support this group as they continue to bring some great shows to our area for a really great price.  We need to keep it ROCKIN'. 

The New Look!!

March 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The New Look!!
For quite some time now I have been daydreaming of a new brand. Something edgy that expresses my style, my interests and me.  It has been a very tough search both in my heart and internet.  First I thought, what is my style.  Well, I came up with five words that explained my style of photography and me.  Raw, Energy, Emotion, Power and Edgy.  The next thing is what I wanted on my logo, the Dragonfly is one of my favorite creatures.  They are everywhere and are fascinating.  I have always been drawn to the symbolism of the dragonfly as well. 

“The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.” (the dragonfly

This is so very true for me and what I have gone through and what I am doing in my life.  CHANGE, new adventures.  New life. New career.  Following my dreams as an artist, professional and leaving my shell. I have found a new strength in myself that I have never new existed. 

Mechanical Logo
With this new logo, I feel it expresses everything in a simple, edgy nutshell. The circles represent sound waves.  Well, the sound of music, the bass blasting through monitors, the vibration that is felt by every one that music moves.  

Logo with info I waited such a long time to get this together.  Have every thing together and matching.  I have my BRAND!  

What my business is about!

Music – No, I am not a musician.  Cant even play a note, but one day I will learn.  So what do I mean by music?  I photograph shows.  In hopes that one day I will be a bands tour photographer.  It is a big dream, but anything can happen.  I also photograph band portraits that can be used on their promotional flyers, cd covers, facebook pages and so on.
Events – You guessed it, any event you need photographs of.  I have for the past 6 years photographed the Kruise of Klamath.  I have photographed and written published work of motorcycle rally’s over the past 4 years.  Galas, dance recitals’ and shows.  You have an event, I will photograph it. Capture memorable moments that you may have missed. 

Lifestyle – This is simple. High School Senior portraits, maternity, engagement, babies, family, business head shots and the most special of all, Boudoir.  Pretty self-explanatory and it is the bread and butter of any photogs business.  This gives me a chance to get meet up with you and learn about you.  I try to always incorporate your life, enjoyments and your natural you in your images. 

Creative and Personal Portraits

Business head shots

Family Portraits

Boudoir!  Classy, Sensual, Sexy and HOT.. 

Please look through my open albums see where my art comes from.  You can also check me out on Facebook at  Please share, and I hope to see you soon through my lens


ThunderPress-Custom is King

January 26, 2016  •  1 Comment

I have to say that this was one of the most fun to wright. Such an honor to meet a great man who cares so much for his community and vets.  He is quite an amazing and humble man. Take a read and maybe this year we can see you again during his Thunderstruck Extreme block party for 2016

Chevelle in Oregon

August 11, 2015  •  1 Comment

Chevelle in Oregon!

Roseburg, OR August 7, 2015


The Douglas Co. Fair was in full swing and they brought one of my all-time favorite bands to town to play for them, Chevelle.  A great group of humble guys (family) that can put on a rockin' show.  The crowd was outstanding with warm welcomes and loud Oregon pride cheers as they performed.  

I have had the opportunity to meet Sam Loeffler at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento CA in 2014.  SO nervous being the first person I have photographed or talked to who is very well known in the music industry, and just star struck at the fact I got to shake his hand.  Got his autograph and was on cloud 9!  But to my amazement, I got that opportunity again.  Ya, I got to meet them all this time before their show. 

As I watched everyone go through meet and greet, I noticed everyone just got their pic taken and took off. As I got up there, I asked, “Can I ask a few questions?” of course the tour mgr said, yes.  SO I walked up, shook their hands and it was so cool to be noticed and remembered.  Sam remembered the nervous girl behind the camera, and how incredibly hot it was at that show.  Got my pic with them and then I started talking.  Trying to assure that I did not trip over any words or look to nervous.  I did OK..

So being new to riding and an experienced crasher… LOL… I had to ask since I have seen posts of motorcycle riding.  I asked them all if they rode, Sam is the only one who really did, Dean (bassist) does a little.  I asked Sam, “where is your favorite places to ride?  Sam “I really like riding through the Red Woods, and there is another place from Vail Colorado where the road twits and turns all the way into Denver.” I was so excited to hear he loved to ride in our neck of the woods. Yes the Red Woods are amazing. 

I then asked Sam what his play list was when riding.  Sam “Well, I don’t listen to music when riding, really not ever.”  I understand that music is his career, so I am sure it would be an overload, his response “If I listen to music, I can enjoy it, I would just end up picking it apart.”  I understand that!!  After that he asked me if I rode, I said yes, for the most part. Told him I was trying to get back in the saddle after a good wreck.  He stated, to “just gear up, cause you never know.”  I agreed..

Though our conversation was short, I have to say it left a lasting impression and memories.  This was one HUGE step for this girl to suck it up and just go with the flow and not let nerves overtake a situation or opportunity.   I felt quite special taking pics for this event and of Chevelle's show.  I was the only one allowed behind the barricade and got a little more freedom than any of the other photogs there.  Not sure as to why, but I guess it is all on who you talk to. 

Thank you Jackie from Indegoot and Chevelle for the amazing show and for giving this girl some time.