Photography by Charity
About the Photographer

"I fly by my own wings with love at my side."

A saying that has lifted me and inspired me to follow my dreams and passions that has brought me to where I am today fulfilling my passion for Photography, Life and Music. Capturing a moment in time to share with the world. Capturing emotion and sending the feel of emotions, love and music through only one image. If it touched someones sole, it was worth that moment.

My name is Charity and I have been an artistic person from the time I could hold a crayon. My passion for art runs deep! Throughout school, my family has always stood behind me supporting my talents. My mother would enter me into art contests that proved to be fulfilling. My uncle took me to a college seminar at the age of 14 for the Art Institute of Seattle. In 2009 I was able to attend The Art Institute where I have attained my degree in Photography in 2014.

As an aspiring professional photographer, I take an illustrative approach to photography. This style is a perfect harmony between photojournalism and traditional/classic portraiture. Photography by Charity specializes in Music/Concert, Events, Lifestyle and Boudoir imagery. When photographing I enjoy the use of natural light or lighting set for the event. I work with my clients to show their personalities though each image. I make a comfortable environment when working with you.